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About Us

Our vision is to play an active role in the design and implementation process, have knowledge and equipment related to the field, follow current developments, define problems with analytical thinking skills and produce creative solutions to these problems, understand the importance and necessity of interdisciplinary work, the principle of sustainability is the basic building block of the design philosophy. To train contemporary Interior Architects and Environmental Designers who believe that.

Our goals are in the process of designing and creating spaces, within the framework of “producing alternatives”, “thinking differently”, “public interest” and “ethical values”; Being able to produce solutions with a global perspective without ignoring local values, having strong social relations and cultural accumulation, being entrepreneurial and innovative, following and using technological developments, predicting the future and taking decision-making initiative, the importance and awareness of protecting environmental resources and cultural heritage The aim of this course is to provide architects and designers who have assimilated the necessity and prioritize the concepts of social benefit and public benefit in terms of professional ethics.

HKU Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design offers its students an education program in accordance with international standards during their four-year education period. With the ERASMUS program, our students can continue a part of their education abroad at contracted schools. The curriculum of our department basically consists of main course groups varying on Design, Art, Building-Materials Information and Technologies and Computer Aided Design. These courses are supported by elective courses that span different areas, including social and technical, and it is aimed to work with different disciplines to produce joint projects and to enable students to specialize in the professional areas they are interested in.