December 2015 |


Kit Design- Object Design Contest

Kit Design- Object Design Contest

"OBJECT DESIGN; Interior Square Object Contest" will be arranged by KIT (Kalyoncu Institute of Technology) student community by KIT DESIGN. The contest only contains Hasan Kalyoncu University students. Architectural pattern of Hasan Kalyoncu University is aimed to be designed by students.The participant will be join to the contest as team with Square Object design which is designed […]

Kit Talks – Light And Scene Design

The seminar which Bilkent University lecturer Burcu Aydınalp Egel who is one of the cognoscenties of Light and Scene Design joined as speaker was made with intensive joining of students and lecturers. Burcu Aydınalp Egel shared her experiences about light, scene and stage design. Activity finished with presenting a plaque by Kübra Kalyoncu who is one of the […]